Machining Services


  • Rotory Shoulder Connections are cut based on required specifications and are dimensionally inspected to meet API and Customer Proprietary Connections
  • GoCam has multiple lathes that can repair or rework your connections that fail inspection. If you require face and chase of or a brand new connection we can service your needs with rapid turn around.
  • Specialty Production


  • Small envelope Mill work
  • Knuckle Refacing – Looking for a way to recondition the worn faces of knuckle drive transmission? We can repair and service those worn out pockets with hard metal that extends the service life of the tool at a fraction of the cost.
  • Refurbish your tools including UBHO subs drill and tap set screws locations – rework to like new condition!



  • Plasma Transferred Arc Welding – a versatile welding overlay process used to deposit wear and corrosion-resistant coatings. The process involves the use of a high-energy plasma arc to melt and fuse a hard facing material onto the substrate.
  • GoCam uses custom blended powders and application methods that have a proven track record down hole!
  • Nickle
  • Tungsten
  • Diamond

Manual Hardfacing

  • Hardfacing may be applied to a new part during production to increase its wear resistance, or it may be used to restore a worn-down surface. Hardfacing by arc welding is a surfacing operation to extend the service life of industrial components, preemptively on new components, or as part of a maintenance program.


Stabilizer Blades

  • Stabilizers are often reworked to replace existing worn working surfaces. Blades will be cleaned up and resurfaced to meet customer specific needs. Blade sizes can be modified to meet customer sizing requirements and specifications.

Kick pads

  • Kick pad replacement takes place with customer direction and may include customer witness inspection of base metal, repad, or resizing to meet customer needs.

Rotor Restubbing

  • GoCam has a proven proprietary method used to remove old threaded connections and add new replacement material to extend the life of expensive rotors. Critical inspection and welding practices are use to insure proper form, fit, and functionality are maintained. Only company certified welder are used in this process.


  • GoCam has multiple OD grinders to remove old material. These large OD grinders rapidly remove material allowing for proper surface inspection of base metal prior to application of new material.
  • GoCam can provide all your OD grinding needs up to a max diameter of 24”.

Inspection Services

Inspection services are available as needed to meet customer needs and specifications. Indications and Cracks are communicated as they are identified in an effort to keep the customer informed.

Shot Peening

Coming Soon